NEW: Komelon Safety Knife 20-12-2022

UNB-S6: Komelon Cutter Knife 19mm

TPR Yellow body
Strong and sharp SK2 blade
NEW: SPEED CUT Carpenter Saw 20-12-2022

OT-265:  SPEED CUT Carpenter Saw 265mm

The pull saw technique ensures the blade remains straight, eliminating the bending and binding of conventional push saws
The thin blade design produces less sawdust for a more precise cut with a fraction of the power needed for conventional saws
The flexibility of the blade also allows for easier access in otherwise hard to reach places
NEW: Jab Saw 20-12-2022

OJ-210: Komelon Jab Saw, 130 – 210mm

Keyhole saw or drywall saw
Long, narrow saw used for cutting small features in various building materials
Sharpened point at the tip of the blade which can be pushed or jabbed through soft materials such as drywall without drilling a hole for the blade
Adjustable length of blade and locking system.
Measure Tape LED 1-11-2022

PLD85 KOMELON Measuring Tape 8m x 25mm Led

Our led light measuring tape, perfect for working on dark winter nights.
· Powerful built in LED light
· Conveniently placed power button
· USB charging cable is included